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Episode 208: Diets

Published on August 22, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


This week we discuss the topic of various diets and how they affect health.  This is obviously a huge topic and one that merits many lengthy discussions.  Hopefully we begin this discussion for you showing that the notion of diet and food is as variable as it is important to the naturopathic profession and the day to day dealings with patients an health.  As always send us your comments, tweets, emails, concerns, etc.


Artificial sweeteners and obesity.

Diet soda and metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Map of obesity trends in America.

The Age of Obesity

Food Rules, by Michael Pollan

Reversing coronary heart disease with low-fat, low-glycemic index plant-based diet (and stress management, smoking cessation, group psychosocial support, and aerobic exercise) by Dean Ornish

Perfect Health Diet

Causes of lower life expectancy in the Inuit

The Yoga of Eating

Breatharian who eats twinkies

How I Stopped Eating Food


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