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Episode 207: Vitamins

Published on August 1, 2013, by in Uncategorized.


A recent article that was circulating on Facebook prompted a needed discussion on vitamin supplementation.  Is it a good thing?  Is it a bad thing?  Is there a grey area?  We discuss this and more on the latest episode of The Naturocast.


The article that sparked this debate.

Dietary supplements and mortality rate (in older women): not actually a meta-analysis as Dr. Davis suggested, but a pretty big observational study of 35,000 women.

We spoke a bit about vitamin E for smokers–here’s an article about a recent paper showing apparent benefit for recent ex-smokers taking supplemental gamma-tocopherol.

What Dr. Noska spoke about in the podcast regarding folate supplementation is not clear in the literature.  What is clear is that folate is good for baby both periconception and 1st trimester.  More info here and here.

Dr. Noska made the claim that many Americans are magnesium deficient.  While this may actually be true there is no literature that fully supports this notion.  Although there are lots of studies on magnesium here and here and here and here.

Resveratrol Blunts the Positive Effects of Exercise Training on Cardiovascular Health in Aged Men.

Here’s an example of a publication by Trevor Marshall regarding olmesartan (Benicar) and the vitamin D receptor.

The yoga for osteoporosis study that Dr. Davis mentioned is not one from a peer reviewed journal but self-published by the authors in the book Yoga for Osteoporosis.  There are some studies showing yoga may be beneficial to prevent osteoporosis in post-menopausal women, and a case series describing that it may be dangerous for osteoporotic women to perform spinal flexion exercises.

Here’s a brief summary of the therapeutic order (which Dr. Davis had… kinda right) and here’s a much longer treatment by the originators of this specific hierarchy of therapeutic intervention.

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  1. Amanda

    Paul Offitt is also the man that claims that there is absolutely not harm associated with vaccines. Just sayin’.

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